27 Classroom Management Strategies To Keep Things Fresh

Keep Things Fresh With These Classroom Management Strategies

Classroom management is as much about instructional design and relationships as it is rules and discipline. Though there are certainly exceptional situations, in general the more you’re having to hold them under your thumb, the more likely it is adjustments are necessary elsewhere.

We recently shared on of Mia Macmeekin’s graphics–one thematically similar–when we published the visual “27 Ways To Respond When Students Don’t.

A nice follow-up to that collection are the following strategies that you can add to your teacher tool-belt. While you probably already have a nice foundation of go-tos to work from–physical proximity, ignoring the misbehavior, redirecting, eye contact, intentional seating, engaging instruction, a relationship-first approach, and others–you can never have enough classroom management strategies to keep things fresh.

Oh–and check out our two favorite sets of classroom rules while you’re at it. (The second set is especially good.)

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27 Classroom Management Strategies To Keep Things Fresh