Everything You’d Ever Want From Math Rap: All I Do Is Solve


Math rap, as a genre, is amazing. Reminiscent of the “stay in school” videos that attempt to legitimize school lunch using the street cred of hip-hop, math rap videos have found a life of their own, and the “All I Do Is Solve” is a recent entry in that category.

A problem with these videos is that they depend on said “street cred,” and pop-rap (as opposed to hip-hop) tends to age about as well as Joan Rivers, so a cool video from 8 months ago is not so cool anymore. But then again, as soon as math was added the whole thing “cool” went right out the window, so forget I said anything and fire the video up.

As far as math rap goes, it has it all:

Popular song? Check.

Forced Math content? Check.

Awkward teachers embarrassing themselves for the good of student learning? Check.