Book: Using Improvisation To Teach Skills & Boost Learning


Book: The Second City Guide to Improv in the Classroom: Using Improvisation to Teach Skills & Boost Learning

by TeachThought Staff

Who will this book help you teach? Students of any age in any content area

What book are we talking about here? The Second City Guide to Improv in the Classroom: Using Improvisation to Teach Skills & Boost Learning

Where is it useful? Your classroom, on a YouTube channel, in the community

Why should you consider it? To promote team-building, collaboration, thinking on-the-fly, fun, and creative thinking in your classroom.

When can you use the ideas centered in the book? Anytime–as assessment, practice, method of engaging hesitant learners, pushing students that are comfort with traditional academic settings but less so in non-traditional circumstances

Short Description

Guide to Improv in the Classroom:

“Most people know The Second City as an innovative school for improvisation that has turned out leading talents such as Alan Arkin, Bill Murray, Stephen Colbert, and Tina Fey. This groundbreaking company has also trained thousands of educators and students through its Improvisation for Creative Pedagogy program, which uses improv exercises to teach a wide variety of content areas and boost skills that are crucial for student learning: listening, teamwork, communication, idea-generation, vocabulary, and more.

The scores of ready-to-use exercises offered here can be used to teach a wide variety of subjects—including language arts, math, science, and social studies—as well as to build classroom community and develop cooperative learning skills. All of the lessons are linked to current national standards for the United States and Canada, and have been proven particularly effective with kinesthetic learners and students with attention difficulties.”


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Reader Rating Sample

Lotus Link:

“As a new high school teacher, I’m always searching for interesting ways to deliver my material. The last thing I want to be labeled as is “boring”– a description I admit I’ve been accused of in my first year, and boy did that sting. But I used some of McKnight’s improv techniques during my last day of class, a week after I got this book, and the students absolutely loved them. My teaching partner and I immediately agreed we’d incorporate many more of these techniques next year in our class. I also just signed up for Second City’s Creative Pedagogy class this summer. Love this book! Will refer to it time and time again in the coming years.”

Book: Using Improvisation To Teach Skills & Boost Learning