Should Teachers Use Twitter? This Flowchart Says Probably

use-twitter-tiShould Teachers Use Twitter? This Flowchart Says Probably

by TeachThought Staff

Should you use twitter?

That’s a loaded question with a lot of assumptions. But for digitally-inclined teachers in the 21st century, the answer is increasingly, yes. At least light use of twitter semi-regularly can increase

We’ve featured graphics from Sylvia Duckworth in the past. Teachers love her simple, colorful, and bright sketch notes. She’s even turned some of our content into these visuals, including our 12 Rules Of Great Teaching.

With this visual, she takes on the social network that is continuing to gain momentum on the ground in classrooms, and even for professional development purposes (see 8 Steps To Teacher-Led Digital PD). Though the graphic doesn’t make an insightful breakthroughs, it doesn’t seem to be designed to. Rather, it works better as a “pinnable” love letter to twitter, providing a colorful set of boxes-as-bullet points that sketch out the benefits of using twitter in education.

Do you like to learn? To share? Do you have a growth mindset? Do you like to make international connections? Then twitter may be for you. There’s even a bit of tongue-in-cheek political activism. “Live in a communist state? Use twitter with caution.”

Well played, Sylvia. Well played.

Should Teachers Use Twitter? This Flowchart Says Probably