The Basics Of Reflective Teaching: A Slo-Blog Approach

The Basics Of Reflective Teaching: A Slo-Blog Approach

What Are The Basics Of Reflective Teaching?

by Beth Leidolf

As the school year kicks off, many classes, teachers and students begin with the basics, those building blocks that provide a firm foundation upon which more valuable learning and growing will take place. With that in mind, the #reflectiveteacher community gets back to basics in this slo-blogging activity called built around the ABCs of being a #reflectiveteacher.

Previously, our #reflectiveteacher challenge was a daily prompt. (You can find one example here.) While we’re going to begin a monthly series around this topic to help support teachers in reflecting on their craft, this activity is different in that’s on-going and isn’t time-bound.

8 Questions Around The Basics Of Reflective Teaching

So we’re going to blog on the basics of being a #reflectiveteacher. Here are some questions to get you reflecting.

  1. What is reflection?
  2. What sorts of questions can guide my reflection?
  3. What does reflection look like in teaching?
  4. What does it look like when reflection is missing from my teaching?
  5. How can I make more for time for reflection?
  6. How can I make my reflection more seamless and authentic, as opposed to just “another thing to do”?
  7. When have I been especially reflection in the past?
  8. What does a #reflectiveteacher look like?

Other Notes

  • Suggestion: Tie each post with a letter of the alphabet. That’s 26 creative and personalized posts throughout the year, a great reflective activity! For example, I created my first blog post here. For me, A is for Adventure!
  • Post your blog on Twitter and other social media you may use. Tag your post with the #reflectiveteacher hashtag so join the conversation!
  • This will be a “Slo-Blogging Activity.” No rush–blog at your own pace!

We hope that you enjoy this Slo-Blogging activity here at #reflectiveteacher. Have fun, keep developing your reflective practice, find new blogs to read and enjoy connecting with new people!

As always, thanks for sharing and for making this Slo- Blogging Challenge a success for everyone! Any questions, contact or DM Beth Leidolf at @bleidolf67 on Twitter

The Basics Of Reflective Teaching: A Slo-Blog Approach