17 Tips For New Teachers From Experienced Teachers

What Are The Best Tips For New Teachers, From Experienced Teachers?

Teaching is important.

Teaching is changing.

Teaching is hard.

And at the intersection of these three truths lies the constant need for a variety of support for teachers–new teachers or experienced.

It’s one thing for trained educational psychologists to offer dry academic papers saying what the data says should happen, or for blogs and social media platforms to make recommendations.

But it’s quite another when your colleagues make them–especially experienced colleagues dropping nuggets of wisdom to the next wave of teaching professionals trying to find their footing.

Cleverclassroomblogspot is helpful blog full of that offers a variety of materials–and tips–for teachers. They pinged their facebook community for tips for new teachers, and came up with the following infographic.

Some basic takeaways? Don’t skimp on #14. It could change the pathway of a child’s education, and/or could save your job.

#2’s pretty important, too. And 3. 8 is underrated, and 12 is a big problem for new teachers. (Not sure what 17 means.)

Take to the comments section with what they missed!

17 Tips For New Teachers From Experienced Teachers