Twitter Unplugged On Your Classroom Door

Using twitter in the classroom is great–if you’ve got the bandwidth, apps, and hardware. And if students have signed Acceptable Use Policies on file. And so on.

Here’s another idea for those who may lack any of the above–or maybe do use the real deal but want to follow that up with the best door in the hallway. (We’ve had to remove the image due to unclear ownership rights, but you can get the idea by clicking here.)

We don’t have specifics, but from the looks of things it seems simple enough. Below are a few ways you could get started using it. Obviously it can be more or less detailed depending on the grade level you’re using it with.

Without being published on the internet, it lacks of the real-time function of twitter–nobody’s arguing postcards on a door will replace social media. But it can, if used in a non-corny way, be a way to liven up the ol’ exit slip or quickly assess understanding. We debated for two days whether or not to share this–we both love and hate it.

But as Wendell Berry says, love wins.

1. Use it as an exit slip

2. Use it as a parking lot for questions

3. Use it as a reward, where students can update it freely based upon certain criteria

4. Use it as a write-around

5. Ask students to use sentence stems, and have then respond to a given text