Using The Habits Of Mind To Promote Teacher Happiness

frontierofficialby Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick, Institute for Habits of Mind

A Whole Child Deserves A Whole Teacher: Using The Habits Of Mind To Promote Teacher Happiness

A lot is said and written about the whole child.

We often forget, however, that we should be considering the whole adult as well.  A teacher’s performance in the classroom, and the resulting performances of the students, depend on a cluster of ingredients not the least of which are the teacher’s attitudes and dispositions which we refer to as Habits of Mind,  which concern not only what teachers can do (abilities) but what they are likely to do. 


These are the questions that arise as teachers work in their classrooms every day.

To develop the whole child, teachers need Habits of Mind that help them problem solve, become better critical thinkers, and communicate– to become whole teachers who manage their social, physical, emotional, and cognitive skills as they respond and interact with their students.

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