Video: Why Do Teachers Quit More Than Other Professionals?

This video provides a teacher-friendly look at why teachers quit in U.S. public education more frequently than other professionals.

YouTube video

Why Do Teachers Quit More Than Other Professionals?

by TeachThought Staff

Why do good teachers quit?

In 2013, we shared a post by a teacher that explored that question, and nearly 4 years and 23,000 shares later, the issue still resonates. Two years later, we shared a post whose titles allows the struggle of being a teacher while championing its upside in, Why Teaching Is Still The Best Job In The World.

Recently we noticed a ‘The Young Turks’ video on YouTube that took a slightly different approach, with a three-person quick/7-minute panel discussion on why it might be that teachers quit jobs more than ‘most professions.”

“Richard Ingersoll taught high-school social studies and algebra in both public and private schools for nearly six years before leaving the profession and getting a Ph.D. in sociology. Now a professor in the University of Pennsylvania’s education school, he’s spent his career in higher ed searching for answers to one of teaching’s most significant problems: teacher turnover.”

There’s not a lot of new ground covered in the video, but it’s a fairly even-handed, teacher-friendly look at what’s going on with teacher turnover in public education in the United States.