Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

We are always exploring new ways to reduce our reliance on ads and using affiliate marketing is part of that effort that we’ve never really pursued in any sustained way. It’s an easy way for you to support our content–and ultimately benefit yourself, as well.

When you click on a link, we receive a (ridiculously small) percentage of any purchase made from that link. Since we never recommend anything that we don’t think might be useful for educators, there’s no real downside to this process. As educators, you can authentic recommendations for things that might be useful for you in your teaching while we receive a percentage that while very minor, could eventually allow us to remove ads from the site altogether–which, again, helps you as educators better navigate, read, and find content useful to you.

We turn down hundreds of posts, ad campaigns, and other for-cost content every year due to a lack of alignment between said content and what we perceive your needs as a progressive educator to be. As you can imagine, recommending poor products and services would be detrimental to both you and to our mission as an organization–not to mention ensure that over time, the effort itself would fail because the recommendations were poor. We try to test, vet, or otherwise evaluate everything we recommend and that extends to any links we provide.

Note as well that 99.9% of our links are not affiliate marketing links and any such links should be marked ‘ad’ or ‘affiliate link.’

You can always get around this and ensure that all profit goes to retailers by searching retailers directly for apps, products, and other services we recommend rather than using the links we’ve provided.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this policy, feel free to email us directly.

–TeachThought Staff