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Education App Review? Share Yours With TeachThought

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ibm think-fiEducation App Review? Share Yours With TeachThought

by TeachThought Staff

Do you have an example of learning technology you’d like to share?? An app maybe? A tablet? Something new altogether?

As a publisher focused on broader issues of learning and culture, we rarely review individual things. However, if you’ve got something you’d like to submit you think we should take a look at, feel free to send the following information and we may choose to share the details you send in a post.

Ideally, this would be written by users–educators of some sort in a perfect world. But we know that the only people that have time to sit around and write things about products are the developers that created the products themselves, or people that make a living writing ridiculously detailed reviews on Amazon. Which means most of these submissions will be from a developer rather than a teacher, which isn’t ideal, but it is what it is. We’ll mark the posts clearly at the top whether it was submitted a developer/marketer, or an educator, but if it’s a useful bit of technology, we’ll share it.

To a point, regardless of who submits it, to be published the technology has to be compelling–push education forward, untangle some teaching or learning knot, be overtly useful for teachers, allow something previously impossible, etc. This part is subjective, and our call. So. Yeah. In pursuit, any copy you send should be non-promotional. Feel free to point out features and highlight utility, but the more it reads like a commercial, the less likely we are to publish it and/or the less likely it is to be credible with our readers.

A Few Notes

  • You have to follow the template below exactly, or we can’t consider it.
  • Most of these reviews will likely be education app reviews.
  • This should not be considered an ambitious marketing effort. This is a share-a-quick-snapshot-of-your-tech-or-app effort. Developers, temper your hopes for glory accordingly.
  • Who knows if this will last. We try new content ideas from time to time, and like learning technologies themselves, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. We march on.

Have An App You’d Like To Share With TeachThought?

Submit the following information exactly in a Google Document to [email protected]

1. At least two Images, ideally screenshots that capture said compelling utility (must be rectangular in shape, e.g., 756:567 pixels)

2. App Details/Features in bulleted form
  • Operating system, file size, etc.
  • Standout features & design elements
  • Intended age/grade levels and content areas
  • Anything else that might be relevant
3. App Details/Information in paragraph form:
  • The big idea behind the app starting with one clear sentence, then follow up description
  • What challenge the app hopes to solve
  • What other similar apps it might be compared to
  • 3 ideas/examples of how it might be used for learning

Education App Review? Share Yours With TeachThought