A 1:1 iPad Menu For Guided Reading

ipad-guided-reading-appsA 1:1 iPad Menu For Guided Reading

Choice boards are powerful tools for providing students with both choice and direction in their work.

The idea, creatively shown below from teacher/blogger Monica Evon in the form of a menu, allows teachers to guide students towards certain forms of academic practice, or demonstration of specific standards. If, for example, you want students to show they understand how to calculate the area of a circle from real-life applications, you can create 8 different ways for them to show it.

Students can then choose from the available 8 ways, with each reflecting varying readiness levels, learning styles, and so on. These can even be written in open-ended ways so that students have to design the possibilities on their own.

Below, Evon focuses on literacy practice with the iPad, offering 15 apps for guided reading, and accompanying choices for students to select from. Useful as a lesson, on-going activity, extended practice, or as a model to design for individual students with specific literacy needs.




1:1 iPad Menu for Guided Reading

1. Word Work

  1. Go to Spelling City and practice your Words.
  2. Create a puzzle focusing on our language skill of the week.
  3. Create a comic using your reading vocabulary words.

2. Listening

  1. Read the next story on your bookshelf. Take the Quiz
  2. Read or Listen to the book on your shelf in Storia.
  3. Listen to a story on PBS. Retell the story. Retell what you read.

3. Read to Someone

  1. Choose a story, take turns reading, and record.
  2. Reread the story from this week.  Create a video or a map of your partner retelling the story.
  3. Reread the story from the week.  Practice reading with fluency and expression. Retell the story.

4. Writing 

  1. Log in and write a post about our reading focus skill.
  2. Retell and create part of this week’s story.
  3. Write a story using the prompt provided.

5. Read to Self

  1. Read and record a story your teacher selected. Listen and complete the fluency checklist.
  2. Reread and record the same story. Listen and review your fluency checklist. Reflect and record what you did better.
  3. Retell your story selecting an app.

A 1:1 iPad Menu For Guided Reading; guided reading apps

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