10 Apps For More Organized Project-Based Learning


Project-Based Learning, by definition, is flexible.

It encourages learner-centeredness, provides the possibility of more authentic work, and allows learners to self-manage and self-direct in places they used to have their hands held. But this has its drawbacks. Learning is a capacity-building endeavor that seeks to, well, build capacity will ironically depending on that same capacity to progress,

There are a variety of ways to support students in project-based learning, including organized digital learning spaces that support creative thinking, collaboration, and ultimately project management. Below are 10 apps for more organized project-based learning.

1. App: OmniFocus

Platform: iOS

How It Can Help: Pure overkill for most classrooms, but if an extremely powerful productivity and project management is what you need and you’ve got a $50 iTunes card burning a hole in your pocket, this could be just what the doctor ordered. Voice notes, image attachment, location awareness, integrated task and calendar views, and dozens of more powerful features making this the GTD app to have–and worth the $40 price tag. (As opposed to languishing in productivity mediocrity for years and spending $40 on ten different bland apps than $40 on one super app.)

2. App: GoodReader

Platform: iOS

How It Can Help: By enabling the reading and subsequent annotation of almost any file-type for research, collaboration, and content curation.

3. App: Any.DO To-do List & Task List

Platform: AndroidiOS

How It Can Help:

4. App: Penultimate

Platform: iOS

How It Can Help: Handwritten diagrams, charts, and other notes that are easily kept, shared, and integrated cleanly with Evernote.

5. App: Evernote

Platform: Android & iOS

How It Can Help: Speaking of Evernote, the powerful app with the green icon is the perfect organization tool. Set up folders by project or group, curate images, videos, audio notes, web pages, or text files, send notes and other files by email, and use as a document creator in a pinch, Evernote just might be the one tool you can’t live without.

6. App: Edmodo

Platform: Android & iOS

How It Can Help: Edmodo can be used to “send notes, submit assignments, post replies, and check messages and upcoming events while away from the classroom.” Edmodo also has the ability to add apps to improve function as well.

7. App: Schoology

Platform: Android & iOS

How It Can Help: How this can help PBL depends on what kind of PBL you’re talking about, but in general any learning management system or digital “home base” like Schoology and Edmodo can help, though the help in this one is more for the teachers than the students.

8. App: Index Card

Platform: iOS

How It Can Help: “Capture, organize, and share your ideas via color-coded index cards.” Sounds like the basis for organized PBL to us.

9. App: Google+

Platform: Android & iOS

How It Can Help: Students can exchange messages, brainstorm ideas, share files, and even setup private communities to complete group work, etc.

10. App: YouTube

Platform: Android; accessible through Safari web browser since Apple pulled the plug on the app

How It Can Help: Excellent research tool (really), great to share video media (obviously), and a great source of ideas for projects.

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