10 Calendar Apps For Improved Scheduling


In our increasingly tech-dependent society, it seems as if the smartphones in everyone’s pocket are capable of managing every aspect of a busy life.

From streamlining professional duties in order to boost productivity to providing an entertaining distraction, there seems to be nothing a smartphone can’t do. Apple’s popular and powerful iPhone devices are backed by the strength of developer offerings in the App Store, extending the phone’s functionality and making it a snap to manage scheduling. With these 10 apps, your iPhone can also keep track of the scheduling needs of busy families. (And some are available for Android too!)

Many of the apps below are focused on the organization of a family, but teachers have families too, yes?

1. Kidganizer – Designed specifically with the scheduling and financial needs of divorced or separated parents, this $1.99 app is perfect for managing hectic, two-household schedules. With an alert system that provides reminders of important events and appointments, no single parent should be without Kidganizer.

2. Easy Calendar – When your schedule is packed to the proverbial gills, it’s important that your scheduling app be as streamlined and simple to operate as possible. With this $1.99 app, you’re able to add new events with as few as three taps, edit with two and swipe through your weeks for long-term planning.

3. Glympse – Part of managing the schedules of each member of your family is knowing where they are at any given time. With this free app from Glympse, you can share your location to let family members know when you’re running late and when you’re on time. You can also send links to the relevant members of your family so they’re able to access your current location, as well as your ETA to a scheduled event. When the timer expires, your check-in is no longer accessible. (Available for Android.)

4. Fantastical – Fantastical is a powerful app that allows you to quickly and easily add events to your schedule, and even to speak the details for scheduling if your device supports dictation. Edit details, use the DayTicker function to view your entire daily schedule at a glance and keep up with the demands of your busy life using one dedicated application.

5. Family Organizer: Shared To-Do+Calendar+Grocery Lists – This free app handles not only the scheduling needs and to-do lists associated with your household, but also grocery lists. With a premium upgrade, you can even access your events from any computer and share calendar entries with other members of your family quickly and easily.

6. CalenGoo – Devotees of the Google Calendars system can breathe a sigh of relief with this $6.99 app, which allows them to access their calendars from an iPhone device despite nasty litigation wars. The integrated task list helps you keep up with what’s due, where each member of your family needs to be at any given time and any upcoming events. It is also available for Android.

7. OurFamilyWizard – While you must be a subscriber of Our Family Wizard to use their iPhone app, the app is free to download. Custody calendars and parenting schedules for divorced or separated parents, plus events, journal entries and a message feature help you co-parent without drama, so that you can keep up with schedules and maintain the peace. (Available for Android.)

8. Cozi Family Organizer: Shared Calendar, Shopping Lists, To Do Lists – This free app was named the number one app for moms by Circle of Moms, won the 2012 Appy Award for the Best Family/Parenting app and has received the National Parenting Seal of Approval for four consecutive years. Best of all, it’s free! Your family calendar is easy to access and edit, and you’ll always receive reminders to ensure that you don’t forget an upcoming event. (Available for Android.)

9. Skedi ~ Family Calendar for Busy Parents – Highly rated and featured by iTunes in What’s Hot in Productivity, Skedi is a $9.99 app that stores your family’s calendar in the cloud for immediate access from anywhere. Skedi syncs with any iOS calendar, so you can view your family’s schedule with no hassles. (Coming soon for Android.)

10. Schedule Planner – With the free Schedule Planner app from Intersog, you can schedule every aspect of your day. From work to health demands and even meal time, you can keep track of every minute of your day when each and every one of them counts. (Available for Android.)

While your iPhone can track the schedule of your busy family, it’s important to remember that using your phone while driving is both illegal in many areas and a dangerous distraction. Regardless of how busy you are, make sure that you keep your eyes off your iPhone and on the road while you’re driving so that you always reach the next entry on your jam-packed schedule safely.

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