10 Reasons Blended Learning Isn’t Going Away by Tom Vander Ark first appeared on gettingsmart.com

There are at least 10 reasons that make blended learning an unstoppable force.

1.     Improved ability to personalize learning

Andrew Coulson, MIND Research, describes personalization benefits common to high performing blends

2.     Potential for individual progress

10 Elements of Competency-Based Learning

3.     Improved student engagement and motivation

EduCurious, a PBL high school curriculum, is Engaging Minds & Changing Lives

4.     Shift to online state tests starting in 2015

Getting Ready for Online Assessment

5.     Need to stretch resources

6.     Extend the reach of effective teachers

See OpportunityCulture from Public Impact

7.     Improved working conditions

Blended Learning Can Improve Working Conditions, Teaching & Learning

8.     Decreased device costs

6 Reasons EdLeaders Should Let Kids Bring Devices to School

9.     Student and parent adoption of learning apps

The 3 Screen Day: Equity & Opportunity with BYOD

10. Interest in narrowing the digital divide

Digital Learning Now! Outlines 3 Strategies for Funding Computer Access

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