12 Of The Best Learning Apps For 2021

by TeachThought Staff

1. Civilization 6

Cost: Varies by platform from around $15 on eBay on PC, to $47 on iOS for the full-version (these prices obviously change over time and are only included so you can have a sense of what the cost is/might be-check your preferred platform for updated pricing info).

Developer Description: “Civilization is a turn-based strategy game in which you attempt to build an empire to stand the test of time. Become Ruler of the World by establishing and leading a civilization from the Stone Age to the Information Age. Wage war, conduct diplomacy, advance your culture, and go head-to-head with history’s greatest leaders as you attempt to build the greatest civilization the world has ever known.”

Platforms: iOS, Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Steam

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2. Kahoot

Cost: varies

Developer Description: A platform to create games to learn and review content, “Kahoots are best played in a group setting, for example, a classroom. Players answer the questions on their own devices, while games are displayed on a shared screen to unite the lesson. It creates a ‘campfire moment’ encouraging players to look up and celebrate together. Besides creating your own kahoots, you can search among millions of existing games.”


3. IXL

You can read more about How To Use IXL.

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4. Tynker: Coding for Kids

Cost: free; varies with features and plan

Developer Description: “Tynker is a complete learning system that enables everyone from beginners to advanced programmers to code with intuitive, interest-based activities. Tynker’s self-paced courses let kids experiment with visual blocks before progressing to intermediate programming and even languages like Javascript and Python.”

Platforms: iOS, Android

Also consider: Hopscotch, Scratch, Swift Playgrounds, Codea

5. Seesaw

Cost: $120 per teacher, per year

Developer Description: “Seesaw empowers students to independently document what they are learning at school. Students can “show what they know” using photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links. You can also import directly from most popular apps, like Google apps.”

Platforms: iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linus (browser-based), Kindle

6. Explain Everything

Cost: varies; a class of 30 students would be around $150 as of June 2018

Developer Description: Create collaborative, digital whiteboard-based “learning experiences where students and teachers can share thoughts and ideas in real-time.”

Platforms: iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Steam

7. FlipGrid

Cost: varies–$65 per teacher or $1000 per teacher/per year

Developer Description: Flipgrid is the leading video discussion platform used by PreK to PhD educators, students, and families around the world. Teachers post topics to spark the conversation and students respond with short videos. Bring the back row to the front and engage all your students.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Steam

8. Khan Academy

9. Google Classroom

Cost: free

Developer Description:

Platforms: iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux (browser-based)

Also consider: Google Docs, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Apple Pages

10. Epic!

Cost: $7.99/month

Developer Description: “Epic! is the world’s leading online children’s subscription book service offering immediate, on-demand access to over 25,000 high-quality illustrated books and chapter books for children ages 12 and under. Epic!’s ever-expanding library also includes thousands of Read-to-Me books, audio books, educational videos, and fun educational quizzes. Partnerships with leading publishers, including HarperCollins and National Geographic, bring age-appropriate, award-winning fiction and non-fiction books to your child’s fingertips.”

Platforms: iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows

Also consider: Newsela, News-o-matic, The Skimm

11. Marco Polo Learning

12. YouTube

Cost: free; YouTube Red is $10/month (includes Google Music subscription)

Summary: Everyone knows what YouTube is, so no need for the developer to explain. (YouTube ‘Red’ is their ad-free/paid version that comes free with Google Music subscription, making it well worth the money in our mind.) Put simply, YouTube is one of the best (formal and informal) learning platforms on the internet. (See ‘How To YouTube Your Classroom‘ for more reading.)

Also consider: Netflix, Brilliant, edX, Coursera

Platforms:  iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux (browser-based)

Platforms: iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows



Cost: free

Developer Description: “Hologo is made for Education. Where ever you may be, look through the lens of your device into your real world and get projections of lifelike virtual images and animations customized for learning. With Hologo you can choose an experience, walk up to and around the educational AR models. Users can zoom in and break apart objects and dive deep into the models.”

Platforms: iOS

Also consider: Boulevard AR, Assemblr


Sago Mini School (Kids 2-5)

12 Of The Best Learning Apps For 2021