12-smart-ipad-apps-for-collaborative-learning12 Smart iPad Apps For Collaborative Learning

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Using the iPad for collaborative learning isn’t the most seamless thing in the world. For one, you have to define what you mean by collaborative learning, and here we can loosely define it was “a kind of learning where collaboration is an integral part of the learning process.”

This means not just publishing ideas, but publishing them in ways where writers can receive feedback, reflect, and revise their writing or thinking.

This means not just tweeting thoughts or content, but doing so intentionally to promote feedback and interaction.

And it also means working together in real-time to accomplish collectively forged and monitored goals, whether your building a fortress with a massive tunnel system in Minecraft, or working with experts outside of the classroom on a presentation using Google Drive.

The following 12 apps (and one modeling article) are modern, “smarter” apps whose design (or significant parts of design) is based around the idea of collaboration and collaborative learning. Let us know in the comments section which we missed, or better yet, add it to our list.ly list!

12 Smart iPad Apps For Collaborative Learning