20 Of The Best Video & Music Apps For iOS

20 Of The Best Video & Music Apps For iOS

What Are The Best Video & Music Apps For iOS?

by TeachThought Staff

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Working with music and video in the classroom isn’t a new idea.

Teachers have been wheeling televisions into the classrooms for decades to show educational fare, documentaries–conjunction junction, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and so many others.

The John Hopkins School of Education has a nice overview of teaching with music, identify the following three (of many) functions music can ‘perform.’ It’s clearly tilted towards college students, but the functions–learning information, activating experiences, and ‘states’ of learning all apply K-20+.

Learning Information

Music can be used to help us remember learning experiences and information. In Active Learning Experiences music creates a soundtrack for a learning activity. The soundtrack increases interest and activates the information mentally, physically, or emotionally. Music can also create a highly focused learning state in which vocabulary and reading material is absorbed at a great rate. When information is put to rhythm and rhyme these musical elements will provide a hook for recall. Here are three ways we can use music to help us learn information:

Active Learning Experiences

Music will activate students mentally, physically, and emotionally and create learning states which enhance understanding of learning material. For example, play music with an association for your topic in the background while reading a concise summary of the important information. The more interesting and dramatic, the more easily the information is remembered. In a social studies class, I have read Chief Joseph quotes and a brief synopsis of his tribes’ famous journey toward Canada while playing native music in the background….

Focus and Alpha State Learning

Music stabilizes mental, physical and emotional rhythms to attain a state of deep concentration and focus in which large amounts of content information can be processed and learned. Baroque music, such as that composed by Bach, Handel or Telemann, that is 50 to 80 beats per minute creates an atmosphere of focus that leads students into deep concentration in the alpha brain wave state. Learning vocabulary, memorizing facts or reading to this music is highly effective. On the other hand, energizing Mozart music assists in holding attention during sleepy times of day and helps students stay alert while reading or working on projects.

20 Of The Best Video & Music Apps For iOS

We’ve provided classic hip-hop songs to teach with in the past. We’ve also shared 22 Of The Best Apps To Make Videos In The Classroom as well. The following list is a collection of apps and tools that combine both–music and video, the two most popular digital multimedia students use in their own lives on a daily basis. We including the most popular streaming music services, as well as YouTube, an  array of video editing tools, and more.

20 Of The Best Video & Music Apps For iOS