Google search tips aren’t uncommon–but useful search tips are another thing entirely.

Add in useful tips that you’ve probably never heard of and–well, you just got better at Googleing didn’t you? (Googling? Should I Google an answer? If you know, find us on Google+ and let us know.)

Below are 20 Google search tips that will help you better find what you’re looking for–the top 10 I’ve taken the liberty of summarizing for you so that you can get an idea of what you’ll find when you dive in.

If you dive in.

20 Useful Google Search Tips You Probably Don’t Know

1. Case sensitivity

2. The use of synonyms

3. Searching filetypes

4. Searching similar terms and phrases using “*” and “~”

5. Finding related websites

6. Search within a website

7. Specify a domain

8. Give Google options

9. Search titles only

10. Search urls only