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23 Ways To Use The iPad In The 21st Century PBL Classroom

by TeachThought Staff

This post was first published in 2011 and most recently updated in 2021

The iPad is not magic, and as many educators have found integrating them meaningfully is by no means a just-add-water proposition.

The same applies to Project-Based Learning.

Project-Based Learning is a method of giving learners access to curriculum in authentic ways that promote collaboration, design, imagination, and innovation while also allowing for more natural integration of digital and social media. Below we’ve offered 23 ways that the iPad can be used in your classroom.

While given strategies may or may not fit exactly into your curriculum or grade level, consider them instead as a kind of board of ideas to inspire your own thinking. If ‘Designing a tire’ is beyond the ability of your 4th graders (and you’re certain of that), what else might they design instead? If analyzing narrative design sounds below your college freshman, what might them ‘consume and design’ instead?

Note that the visual is also arranged in a kind of visual spectrum, as our past visuals have been. But this time, rather than being distributed by complexity, it is instead laid out in terms of the kind of workflow a learner might encounter in a 21st century, K-20, project-based learning environment.

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Image attribution flickr user flickeringbrad