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26 iPad Apps For A Paperless Classroom

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ipad-apps-paperless-classroom26 iPad Apps For A Paperless Classroom

by TeachThought Staff

The paperless classroom is a compelling concept for what it symbolizes as much as anything else.

While it sounds sleek and futuristic and easy to organize and environmentally friendly, the reality is that paperless classrooms aren’t that simple. The “environmentally-friendly” part, for example, is wildly subjective: the costs of manufacturing–and eventually recycling and disposing of–tablets versus the loss of “renewable” trees and the subsequent waste that is environmentally-friendly.

The same with being organized. When files are easy to find and save, that leaves more to sort, organize, and curate. And so on. So becoming a “paperless classroom” isn’t the utopia that’d make the decision to go fully digital such a no-brainer.

But what a paperless classroom represents is important. Cloud-based collaboration. Mobile access. Simple sharing. Quick searching. Curriculum tagging. In short, the potential for agility, responsiveness, and personalization in teaching and learning. No, it’s not that simple. Nothing is. Assessment form, bandwidth, COPPA concerns and more muddy the waters.

But if you’re looking for tools to give it a go, the following 26 ipad apps for a paperless classroom can help.

26 iPad Apps For A Paperless Classroom

26 iPad Apps For A Paperless Classroom;

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India Telemart

Apple and google together are a killer combination for people..

Step Up Height Increaser

Great list. I would add SpellingCity since it automates word study, includes accountability, and fits into a modern classroom with support of Google Login etc. Also, it’s wildly popular across the country. (disclosure. Yes, I have an interest in VocabularySpellingCity. I’m the Mayor & founder)


Great list! I would add Cornell Notes for the iPad (https://itunes.apple.com/app/id914214381). It provides the world renown Cornell Note-taking System on the iPad. Cornell Note-taking is recognized as the leading note-taking system in the world and recommended by most colleges and universities worldwide.

Katherine Burdick

I’d add Tools4Students. Saves time and paper as it offers 25 pre-made graphic organizers that are saveable, emailable, eiditable, expandable and reusable. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tools-4-students/id472911218?mt=8