38-of-the-best-educational-games-for-ipad38 Of The Best Educational Games For iPad

by TeachThought Staff

Academic instruction is characterized, more or less, by a focus on literacy and math.

School is a time in a students life where they are learning as much about how to be students and operate successfully in a school as they are about how to read, write, and think. But oftentimes, the demand for pure academic instruction and practice can fly in the face for a student’s need–at any age–to play, build, interact, explore, and construct their own learning experience.

Issues like these can make mobile technology like tablets a boon to learning, as they can allow individual access to the right app–and the right content, creative opportunity, game, or learning simulation–at the right time. It is the collision of the need for interaction, personalization, creativity, and constant feedback that can make video games powerful tools for learning–and the following 38 games, curated by Sam Gliksman–and excellent place to start.

Might we recommend Civilization, Amazing Alex, and Scribblenauts to begin?

38 Of The Best Educational Games For iPad