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39 Recommended Reading Comprehension Tools From edshelf

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by edshelf: Reviews & recommendations of tools for education

Reading comprehension is a critical skill for young learners. It is a skill that requires good teachers, teachers like you who care enough to make sure each student is getting the guidance and support they need.

You probably have a number of tools in your language arts toolkit already. Worksheets, activities, books, etc. Did you know there are also a number of websites and mobile apps that can help? Angela Davis, a media specialist at Mount Gap Elementary School in Alabama, recommends the following digital tools for reading comprehension instruction. Her collection includes gems like the helpful guides from Teaching That Makes Sense, engaging digital storybooks from StoryPals and Scholastic Storia, and fun word games like StoryLines and Disney Junior.

What other websites and mobile apps do you use for teaching reading comprehension?

39 Recommended Reading Comprehension Tools for Young Students, From edshelf

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Kelly C.

K12 Timed Reading & Comprehension Practice is a really popular app among educators and parents! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/k12-timed-reading-comprehension/id660702629?mt=8

Rajesh sharma

http://www.Super-Reader.com also has online web-based reading comprehension tests. They’re free to use and are graded instantly as each question is answered.


I am in need of reading comprehension tool ghani


none of your links work. ;(