4 Apps To Use Your iPad As A Second Screen

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The relationship between desktop and tablet hasn’t been the smoothest, when tablets started growing in popularity two years ago, many predicted that it would phase out the laptop as our device of choice. It hasn’t quite worked out that way. Instead, it’s not that uncommon to see many professionals owning both laptop and tablet devices simply because there are many affordable choices out there.

It is possible for both of them to work in tandem. While there are many apps out there that allow you to work desktop files on tablet and vice versa, one way to make good use of both simultaneously is to use your tablet as a second screen. Doing so is much easier than you would expect and will only take a few minutes at best to connect the two devices up together.

What Apps To Use

Provided you have either a bluetooth or WiFi connection, you will be able to connect your tablet to your computer and use it as a second monitor. Here are four you can download for your tablet, all of which can connect up to Mac and Windows computers.

4 Ways To Use Your iPad As A Second Screen

1. Air Display

Platform: Mac, Windows
For: iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android
Cost: $9.99
As well as turning your tablet into a second screen, Air Display can also connect up to your iPhone and iPod as well. The app provides you with a virtual keyboard and mouse input and allows different setup combinations for you to try out.

2. iDisplay

Platform: Mac, Windows
For: iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android
Cost: $4.99
Another popular second screen app, iDisplay lets you connect an impressive 36 devices to the one computer, which offers a number of practical uses such as sharing documents, presentations and files. You can take the tablet away with you so you can work away from your computer, should you need to step away from it.

3. Splashtop XDisplay

Platform: Mac, Windows
For: iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android
Cost:$6.99 Limited Time (Regular Price – $16.99)
Splashtop XDisplay is really an app that allows you to control your desktop remotely, but if you download the Splashtop Streamer, you can set up your tablet or smartphone as a second screen XDisplay performance and speed makes it one of the more reliable choices out there, meaning you can watch videos without experiencing a dip in quality.

4. MaxiVista

Platform: Windows
For: iPad
Cost: $9.99
MaxiVista is only available for Windows and iPad, MaxiVista does exactly what you expect it to do and is easy to install, only taking a minute at best.

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