40 iPad Apps For Homeschooled Students

What Are The Best iPad Apps For Homeschooled Students?

Common Core Standards: Stay on top of the core standards of education for your child to make sure you’re staying on track.

Super Why!: Super Why! offers interactive literacy games, bringing fun to the alphabet, spelling, reading, and more.

iLiveMath Animals of Africa: iLiveMath features African animals, and a fun way for children to solve word math problems.

Homeschool Magazine.com: Published since 1995, Homeschool Magazine is available on the iPad with Presentation Pages, offline availability, and free sample resources.

ABC Phonics Sight Words: This app puts high frequency words front and center with games including flashcards and unscrambling.

MathBoard: MathBoard offers random problem generation, quick reference tables, and more while still being fun.

Netflix: Watch foreign movies, documentaries, and educational cartoons as part of your home classroom curriculum using Netflix.

NASA App HD: View a wealth of NASA information in your iPad with mission information, videos, images, and even NASA Twitter feeds.

Princess Math: Get young girls and even boys interested in math with Princess Math, which has addition and subtraction problems to boost math skills.

Groovy Grader: Upgrade your old school grader with this super usable grading app.

Craft Finder: Celebrate holidays and occasions with themed crafts, conveniently found on the iPad thanks to Craft Finder.

K12 Timed Reading Practice: Young readers can practice with short, timed stories that focus on comprehension. You can track multiple readers, words per minute, and more as well.

Wikipanion: Get improved access to Wikipedia on your iPad with the Wikipanion app, which allowed history, bookmarking, page searching, image saving, and more.

Starfall: Show children letters and sounds to develop phonics skills with Starfall.

GeeTasks: Use GeeTasks to view and update Google Tasks from your iPad both online and offline.

SpellDown: Host your own spelling bee at home with SpellDown, the app that’s great for creating custom spelling lists.

Eric Carle’s My Very First App: Fans of Eric Carle’s books will enjoy this app that has educational challenges, including the game of Memory.

The Civil War Today: With this app, you’ll receive 4 years of daily updates that will share what happened on that date during the civil war.

Top It: Top It makes addition fun with competitive rounds of play.

Make Change: Study math in a practical way with MakeChange, an iPad counting game that allows students to do addition problems.

This Day in History for iPad: Students can read daily history updates, including historic speeches, national anthems, and even sound clips from famous artists.

Motion Math: Make math studies into a fun game that helps learners improve in fractions, decimals, and more.

Analogy: Set the stage for analytical thinking, problem solving, and creativity with this app that studies analogies.

>Google Earth: Take a look at high resolution images of the world using Google Earth on the iPad.

SAT Score Quest: Work on SAT prep on your iPad with this assessment and practice app.

US Puzzle Map: Turn the US into a fun map game using this app. There are also other countries available, including Japan, Europe, and China.

FlashGram: Quiz children on their language arts skills with Flash Gram, which features short questions with touchable answers.

Read Me Stories: Read Me Stories offers a new book each day with illustrations and voices.

ABC Wildlife: ABC Wildlife explore letters, words, and animals, with over 80 animal words, hundreds of photos and videos, fun facts, and more.

Star Walk for iPad: Star Walk shares an interactive astronomy guide for learning about stars and constellations.

Stanza: Read and listen to free ebooks and audiobooks on Stanza, from classics to independent author reads.

Art Authority for iPad: With Art Authority, you’ll be transported to a real world art museum with over 50,000 paintings and sculptures.

Interactive Alphabet: With this app, every letter turns into an interactive toy, making the alphabet a fun, hands on experience.

World Atlas HD for iPad: Study maps of the world with this atlas for the iPad.

Intro to Letters: Montessorium’s app will teach children to trace, read, write, and record letter sounds, names, and phonograms, offering a great foundation for language and understanding of the alphabet.

iStudiez Lite: Take charge of your homeschooling family’s schedule using this app that allows you to stay on top of classes, assignments, and holiday periods.

Ancient Rome: Explore the history of Ancient Rome with this app that shares games including puzzles and memory, as well as images, videos, and articles.

BrainPOP: BrainPOP’s daily animated movies are educational, and end with an interactive quiz for learning.

Phonics Easy Reader: Practice phonics material in these various levels of phonics reader apps for your student.

Math Bingo: Kids can get a BINGO by answering math problems correctly. There are a variety of games and levels of difficulty. You can also create player profiles and keep track of scores.