5 iPad Apps For The Four Major Content Areas

What Are The Best iPad Apps For Math, Science, ELA, & Social Studies?

When it comes to classroom teaching, apps are a great way of getting the children engaged and learning at the same time. As well as being a fantastic way to get the kids involved in class, they’re also ideal for home use and as homework aids too. And with apps designed to suit all ages, there’s one to suit every learning stage.

Below we take a look a look at some of the best educational apps on the market to try and find some innovative, fun and engaging learning resources for students.

1. SAT Math Preparation (Math)

Maths is a subject which fills a lot of people with fear, but it doesn’t have to be all textbooks and confusing symbols. The SAT Math Preparation app for Android is designed for high school students aged 11-18, and highlights the toughest sections of the American SAT math test and the UK GCSE maths exam.

The app allows students to take practice tests, view digital flashcards and concentrate on the sections that they find the most challenging. The free app–published by Educational Adventures–can be used on the go or in the classroom, and has videos which cater to both visual and auditory learners.

2. Human Anatomy Pro (Science/Biology)

Biology can be a fascinating subject, but remembering exactly where everything is in the human body is a feat for even those with the best memories. The Human Anatomy Pro app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is designed to help you understand how different biological systems work.

From the Cardio Vascular System to the Urinary System, each bodily system included has illustrations to help visual learners as well as a description of each element represented in each biological system.

The app costs $0.99 is designed for high school students aged 11-18 and college/university students aged 18+.

3. Audioboo (Social Studies, All)

Classroom learning doesn’t always have to be about writing. In fact, many students learn best by listening, and this is exactly what the Audioboo app is designed to help with.

With this iOS app, students will be able to record their own voice or others’ voices, using it as a learning aid. Audioboo also allows the user to share their recordings with other classmates. Perfect for taking note of ideas on the go, this app is ideal as a tool for school projects or as a revision aid.

Audioboo can be used by students of all ages, and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The most basic version of the app, which allows users to record for up to 3 minutes, is free.

4. Scribble Press (English Language Arts, All)

Combining creativity with a useful tool, Scribble Press for iOS is perfect for both fun and educational use. With both drawing and writing tools, kids are able to jot down ideas in the car or on the school bus. They can then shares these ideas with peers who also have the app; perfect for group projects.

This app has had great reviews from parents, teachers and students, showing how adaptable it is to both the classroom and home life.

It costs $3.99 in the app store, and, again, is perfect for kids of all ages.

5. Story Kit (English Language Arts, All)

This fun and interactive app is ideal for creative kids who love to dream up tales and adventures.

Story Kit for iOS encourages the user to create a story through language, images and sounds. It’s perfect for getting their creative juices flowing and is great for keeping the kids entertained in the car or when they have free time at home. Although this app can be used for creative writing and literature classes, it’s also great just for encouraging kids to keep their minds active.

The app is free and perfect for children aged 4+.

This is a contributed post from by Isabelle Guarella from PassSmart.com