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8 Google Drive Sync Tools To Access All Of Your Files On All Devices


8 Google Drive Sync Tools To Access All Of Your Files On All Devices

by TeachThought Staff

Over the last five years, cloud-based computing has quietly gone from fringe to standard.

Early–and entirely legitimate–concerns about data safety and privacy still exist, but have not reduced the average person’s needs to access the same files from every device, anywhere in the world. Google already has a first-party sync tool for Google Drive for Windows and Mac. It works well, and the price is right (free.)

Dropbox has, curiously, always been at the forefront of this movement. While it lacked an attractive user interface and offered only meager free storage, it managed to convince the public at large to pay a premium for cloud storage in large part due to its play-nice approach: Everything has Dropbox integration.

If you want something a little bit more feature-rich–and better looking–than Google’s in-house program, you might want to take a look at the following tools.

Note: Google Drive sync support ended in December of 2017, but only because they moved to Google Backup and Sync. According to Google, there are two first-party ways to access Drive files on your desktop and keep them in sync across your devices:

  • Drive File Stream is best for most organizations (Google explains why) 
  • Backup and Sync is best for ‘consumers’ but can also be used by organizations, too

8 Google Drive Sync Tools To Access All Of Your Files On All Devices

1. Google Backup & Sync

Summary: This is Google’s primary Google Drive sync client–made, of course, by Google.

Platforms: Linux, iOS, Mac, & Windows

Cost: free (depending on your storage needs and use of G Suite features, etc.); free 14-day trial for G Suite


You can see Google’s Drive FAQ here.


2. Insync

Summary: A Google Drive sync client designed to work together with Windows servers and utilizing your existing file hierarchy

Platforms: Windows, Mac & Linux

Cost: $29.99 (one time fee) per Google account; $49.99 per team; free 15-day trial


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4. Syncdocs

Summary: A versatile, well-reviewed Google Drive Sync client with end-to-end encryption and robust feature-set for complex Google Drive backups and daily use

Platforms: Windows, Mac & Linux

Cost: $19.95 (one-time fee); free 14-day trial

Platforms: Linux, Mac, & Windows


5. Cloud HQ: Sync Google Drive

Summary: A powerful Google Drive sync client better for enterprise/business than students and schools but with a free tier and trial, worth exploring.

Platforms: Windows, Mac & Linux

Cost: from free to expensive depending on personal to enterprise use; 15-day free trial

You can download their Google Apps data sheet here.


6. odrive

Summary: A unified storage/sync client–all files from all platforms, from Google Drive to Facebook, Dropbox to Amazon S3 through a feature called ‘Infinite Sync’

Platforms: Linux, Mac, & Windows

Cost: free; a powerful Premium tier is $8.25/month with annual payment


Get all your files together in one place

  • Access to the vast odrive integration catalog.
  • Unlimited links to bring everything together.
  • Single sign-in to all your accounts.

Sync everything to your Windows, Mac, and Linux machine

  • Unified sync folder to everything in odrive.
  • Desktop sync client for Mac and Windows.
  • Headless sync agent for Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  • Native file manager integration (Finder, File Explorer).
  • Command line interface for server environments.
  • Automatically sync new files and folders.
  • Placeholder files to see everything without downloading.
  • Progressive sync engine. Only syncs the folders you use.
  • Recursively sync all files as placeholders.

Share anything with anyone

  • Share weblinks to any file or folder linked to odrive.
  • Secure weblinks with passwords and expiration dates.
  • Share storage space to sync with one or more people.
  • Detect sharing conflicts to avoid data loss.

7. GoodSync

Summary: A simple-to-use Google Drive sync client with iOS integration

Platforms: Linux, iOS, Mac, & Windows

Cost: $49.95 one-time fee for personal use; free 30-day trial; server backups available


  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Real-Time Data Transfer
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Extensive Automation & Scheduling
  • Version History Control
  • File Sharing & Organization
  • Available USB/FlashDrive integration through Goodsync 2Go
  • Management of all files in one place via Goodsync Connect

8. Sync

Summary: An affordable sync tool for ‘mid-tier’ users who don’t demand endless features but want something better than Google’s first-party Sync & Stream apps

Platforms: Linux, Mac, & Windows

Cost: free to $15 per month

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