28 Of The Best PDF Tools For Teachers

As the usage of the PDF files in the educational system increases, so does the need to edit them.

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What Are The Best PDF Tools For Teachers?

contributed by Veronica Johnson

In today’s world, teachers are handling many different kinds of documents and related media.

As the digital revolution happened, those paper piles that once stood on a teacher’s desk slowly disappeared. One of the safest and most versatile ways to preserve something important is to save it in a digital file format, and one of the most used digital types for storing educational documents is the Portable Document Format, or PDF.

PDFs are the most popular format among teachers because it costs nothing to make, and it’s a universal type, meaning files will appear the same to everyone and on every platform. One major advantage of PDF files is that they cannot be edited or manipulated easily.

While this is a benefit, it also can be a pain. Teachers oftentimes need to change something to their PDF content and usually, and this is not an easy task. As the usage of the PDF files in the educational system increases, so does the need to edit them.

It is important for teachers to have reliable desktop and mobile PDF converters, editors or readers since they more easily share files with students, students can share one another, and digital portfolios can be updated and maintained.

Luckily, we’ve taken the time to search and find some of best PDF tools and apps that teachers can use. These PDF apps and tools can help anyone to view and convert content, manage text, add images, make annotations and even create PDF files from almost any desirable document format.

Note: We focused on web-based and iPhone apps in the collection below, primarily because links to iPad-only apps don’t open/display on iPhones. For that reason, we’re going to do a separate iPad-only collection. As for Android apps, Android Authority has a nice collection.

Feel free to check our list below of the best PDF tools for teachers, and add any we missed in the comments below!

24 Of The Best PDF Tools For Teachers

1. PDF Expert

PDF Expert allows annotating or editing PDF documents. Besides reading, you can highlight text, put stamps, split and merge PDFs.

2. PDF Pro

Developer description: “Whether stamps, shapes, highlighters, or a typewriter tool, PDF Pro offers a full suite of tools for the end-user to annotate their PDFs without changing underlying content. These Annotations can be toggled to be visible or hidden, making it easy to work with markups.”

3. PDFelement

PDFelement allows users to edit PDF documents like a Microsoft Word document. Among other features, users can also automatically create fillable PDF forms for data collection. Users can then use Data Extraction to export information from hundreds of identical PDF forms into a single Excel file, and eliminate entering data by hand.

4. PDF Zorro

PDF Zorro is another online tool that lets you easily manage, edit, and sign your PDF files. You can convert any PDF document regardless of size or number of pages.

5. PDF Converter Ultimate

With PDF Converter Ultimate, convert your documents to PDF, and PDF documents to Word, Excel, JPG, and more on your iPhone or iPad.

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6. PDF Converter

A reliable PDF tool that can change the way you teach your class. The variety of options you can choose from makes your document management effortless.

7. PDFMerge

Packed with an easy-to-use interface, PDF Merge enables you to combine two or more PDFs into one.

8. PDF Filter

Edit your PDF files without downloading, installing, or buying anything. Simply drag and drop documents and in just 3 steps you are all done.

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9. PDF to JPG Converter

This online tool has no limits to the PDF file size or number of pages. Conversions are instant and you can use it every day as it’s completely free.

10. Doc Hub

Sign PDF files online through their website or browser extension (linked above).


HTML to PDF is a free converter that transfers web pages to PDF files. A useful product for teachers wanting to share content they find online.

12. Convertio

A Google Chrome extension that allows you to convert files online from one format to another with more than 2500 different conversions supported.

13. PDFelement for iOS

One of the most affordable PDF application. You can create, edit, secure, and organize your PDF documents as you wish.

14. PDF it All

A simple user interface that anyone can learn in no time, PDF it All is one of this collection’s most powerful PDF tools. This iOS app allows you to convert PDF files to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.

15. PDF Online Reader

A simple and effective online tool that allows teachers to view and edit your PDF with a click of a button. Just upload your file and let the tool do all the work for you.

16. PDF Export

A PDF converter app that allows you to view, edit, and convert different PDF documents into one file. With this app, you can also create and scan your own PDF files.

17. iConverter

With its well-designed interface, iConverter is a powerful yet simple file conversion tool that can convert text-based documents into PDF files, making it one of the best PDF tools for teachers working with essays, reports, research, and other text-first files.

18. GoodReader

One of the best PDF reading engines currently available for your iPad or iPhone. With GoodReader you can read, edit and sign virtually anything, anywhere.

19. iAnnotate

iAnnotate’s intuitive interface can help you to read, markup, and share different document types including PDF, DOC, PPT, and more.

20. PDFForge

Regarding free PDF viewing and editing, the PDF Forge is a great tool for teachers, if for no other reason than its versatility. You can also quickly create PDF files with it, from almost any application.

21. Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner allows you to scan images, papers, documents, and more, turning them into PDF files that can be easily managed.

22. AnnotDoc Lite

AnnotDocLite is a free viewer for MS Office documents. It supports annotation on MS Word and MS PowerPoint, as well as the PDF.

23. PDF Buddy

A perfect tool for people who want to edit their documents without having to install anything on their computers. The tool poses a slick and modern interface you can master quickly.

24. Adobe Acrobat Reader

25. PDF Converter

26. Foxit PDF

27. Documents 5

28. Goodnotes 5

While not expressly a ‘PDF tool,’ Goodnotes can import PDFs and export any drawing, concept map, or other Goodnotes media into PDF for easy sharing and storage.

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28 Of The Best PDF Tools For Teachers