Your 60-Second Guide To Changing The World Through Social Media

How To Change The World Through Social Media: A Guide

Social media has taken on a life of its own in 2012.

Once an interesting distraction, any progressive digital platform worth its salt is now fully social and omni-aware.

But social media is a powerful tool for more than like-contests and image sharing.

One powerful possibility is project-based learning. As you design projects for learners to create, demonstrate, and improve upon existing knowledge, social digital domains can be excellent cognitive playgrounds, providing  transparency for thinking, and a window for all stakeholders to view performance.

And help change the world.

The infographic below helps get you started visualizing how people like you are using social media to make change every day–and how the platforms, ranging from kickstarter and twitter to crowdrise and blogging software, help begin–and sustain–that change.

One example? Through kickstarter, more than 65,000 projects have already been launched.

Social Media & Social Change

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