Create, Publish, Promote: An iPad Workflow For Learning

ipad-business-fiUsing The iPad To Promote Ambition In Students

Part of the the power of mobile learning technology is a matter of location–that is, the lap of the student.

In a 1:1 classroom, each student has access (to the world itself) through the internet. The internet is a place of endless publishing, conversation, time-wasting, discovery, peril, recreation, and commerce–a digital microcosm of the world itself.

1:1 devices also provide opportunity in the form of apps. Word processors, social media channels, image libraries, publishing platforms, and more that provide an almost endless array of tools of both creativity and knowledge.

An iPad Workflow For Learning

Workflow is as much about inspiration and elegance as it is function and efficiency.

Ideally a workflow for learning would promote curiosity and ambition as much as it supports students in accomplishing goals, turning in work, and other procedural events. Any workflow should also be aligned with the tools of the trade–in this case the hardware and software of an iPad.

That’s where Create, Publish, Promote comes in–three words that clarify a basic sequence that can realize the potential of mobile technology.

Create–imagine, dream, design, make, or create something that fascinates you

Publish–Make it public with an audience that wants or needs to know

Promote–Help that audience understand it; make your creation visible–make it stand out in a busy, noisy world

Access + Opportunity = Ambition?

The iPad’s touch-based interface, while not brilliant at multitasking, can be combined with a well-designed app to support drawing (e.g., sketches and art), recording (e.g., audio and video), skimming (e.g., web pages and image searches), and other functions that, if realized, might just spark native creativity in a student.

Consider the above simple formula–access + opportunity can = ambition. To help students think beyond the classroom and begin to see potential instead of compliance is something that technology naturally invites. The above graphic by @ipadwells and provides 2 domains (creativity and knowledge), 6 possibilities (shown below), 12 apps (see the graphic), and 4 social media tools to help the students in the simple, effective workflow of create, publish, and promote.

Create, Publish, Promote


1. Write a story

2. Make a film

3. Make an album


1. Sell an iBook

2. Create a blog

3. Run a YouTube channel

Promote (artifacts from above)

1. Facebook

2. Google+

3. Twitter

4. Pinterest