61 Educational Apps For The 21st Century Student


61 Educational Apps For The 21st Century Student

by TeachThought Staff

It’s not entirely clear what it means to be a “21st century student.”

And in 2013, it’s also not entirely clear what the definition of an “educational app” might be.

Just as students are no longer tethered to textbooks (in most formal education settings), apps that are strictly didactic–designed to promote academic proficiency and foundational fluency–are often the first that parents and teachers reach for when looking for something “constructive.” But the reality is, the 21st century is as much about finding, evaluating, managing, sharing, and curating information as it is reading texts, answering questions, and applying memorized formulas to neatly scaffolded problems.

So, critical thinking and transfer over accuracy and recall.

In that context, what are often thought of as “productivity apps” are not only “educational,” but are often the real marrow of 21st century learning. Instapaper, Pocket, FlipBoard, Next!, iMockups, and Taskpaper are all as handy for project-based learning, mobile learning, and challenge-based learning as they are your average start-up CEO trying to juggle a thousand priorities.

Which is probably not a coincidence, and what makes the following list by Michael Hyatt useful. Also, note at the bottom at each app are upvote and downvote buttons–quick feedback for additional data on what others think.

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