iOS Mirroring Options v3How To Project Your iPad Screen: 7 Tools Detailed

If you’ve flipped your classroom, use modeling extensively as a teaching strategy, love to share student work, use the sync teaching method, or otherwise need to consistently project your iPad screen for students to follow, the above image by Tony Vincent at one of our new favorite iPad resources,, offers 7 very detailed ways to make it happen.

The chart is well-thought out, including considering which methods allow screen recording, which show your fingers and gestures, which offer free trials, and so on.

Note that this image may come in handy if you’re looking to turn your iPad into a document camera.

If the image above isn’t high-res enough to read the very tiny writing, you can find the full pdf here.

If there are any tools missing in the chart, or considerations not detailed, let us know in the comments, or visit and share with them!

How To Project Your iPad Screen: 7 Tools Detailed; image attribution