How To Save A YouTube Video

Update: We’re getting word in the comments that this method isn’t working anymore. When we discover a fix, we’ll post it here.

Let’s say you need a video for a lesson, but YouTube is blocked in your district. Or maybe you have spotty internet service and you’ve got an observation and can’t afford a snag. Or maybe you just need the full version of a video to use in another digital media project. Whatever the case, you may need to save a YouTube video for use in your classroom.

Assuming you’ve got all your copyright concerns in order, it’s now as easy as pie. You no longer need a 3rd party service to “Strip” the video from the page–apparently YouTube has now opened up saving the videos directly from the site itself.

Very cool–and potentially very useful for teachers like yourself.

1. Play the video, and right click on the screen and select “Pop out.”


2. While the video plays in the new window, right click and select “Save as,” then select the appropriate folder to save your file.


3. That’s it. As long as you select the proper software to play the file, it should work!