leos-eyepaintInnovative Educational Apps: Leo’s EyePaint

Platform: iOS

Price: Free

Grade Levels: K-5

Content Area: English-Language Arts, Art

What Is It? An app that allows students to create art using their iPad, their environment, and their imagination.

What Makes It Innovative And/Or Worth My Time?

Augmented reality painting adds a new layer to the basic color-with-your-fingers approach many apps take. The app works well technically, with the added twist that students have to evaluate their environments to find appropriate settings.

What The Developer Says:

“• An innovative painting app that helps preschoolers make artwork using a camera and their surroundings

• Artwork designed by an Emmy award-winning artist

• Characters inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, Marie Curie, and other historical figures

• Easy-to-use interface, even for young children

• Designed for children under age five, with appropriate safeguards

Leo’s EyePaint offers your child the opportunity to create their own amazing artwork by completing illustrations of their favorite characters from Leo’s Pad!

This innovative app helps your child explore sight, sound, and touch for long-lasting fun. Your child will learn to use the camera as a tool to capture colors, patterns, and textures to interactively fill areas in the drawings selected by the child. More importantly, using the camera will encourage your child to explore the world around them. The final result is a unique masterpiece full of colors, shades, and details that cannot be achieved with most other painting apps.

The Leo’s EyePaint interface is colorful, animated, and extremely simple—even for very young children. Tapping on any area in the drawing will reveal a live camera image. The camera shutter button then appears, enabling users to capture their chosen pattern. The child is encouraged to explore their surroundings to find the right match for that particular area: a detail from a book page, for example, or a piece of clothing, furniture, or a leaf. The creative possibilities are endless.

The ‘Brush’ option allows users to limit themselves to a specific area where the camera signal appears, allowing for even more possibilities. The images created can be saved to the device’s Photo Library by tapping the Star icon. 

Leo’s EyePaint covers three main educational areas:

• The child’s desire to visually explore his/her surroundings

• The relationship between reality as perceived and its symbolism when applied to the illustrations

• The ability to use real-life images to express emotions”

Innovative Education Apps: Augmented Reality Painting