Innovative Education Apps: Back In Time


Innovative Educational Apps: Back in Time

App: Back in Time

Platform: iOS

Price: $7.99

Grade Levels: K-20+ (though probably best suited for 6-12)

Content Area: All

What Is It? 

An app that uses a clock as an analogue for a time machine, swiping through history to not only know what happened when, but to further explore with images, video, and other information. An excellent starting point for macro-historical research.

What Makes It Innovative And/Or Worth My Time? 

Finally, an app that visualizes the mind-numbing scale of history. We’ve yet to see an app that so clearly demonstrates such a complex idea–a wonderful union of hardware potential and software design. Yes, it’s 8 bucks, but you’re not going to miss that 8 bucks 6 months from now when you can hand a student this app and help them understand the scale of the earth’s history.

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