Innovative Education Apps: The Elements–A Visual Exploration

Innovative Education Apps: The Elements--A Visual Exploration

Innovative Educational Apps: The Elements: A Visual Exploration

App: The Elements: A Visual Exploration

Platform: iOS

Price: $13.99

Grade Levels: K-20+ (though probably not great for early elementary)

Content Area: Science (though an argument could be made for math)

What Is It? 

An app that allows you to freely rotate, pinch, and zoom over 500 real-world objects that represent the periodic table of elements. Sharp images, numerous data, and interaction that’s engaging for learners. The information is clean, well-written, and easy to understand.

True, the price is a bit steep at $13.99, but think of it more like an interactive textbook for elements and only elements. That’s it. That might sound like a detractor, but it’s the kind of focus that helps students identify the utility of the information in from of them, rather than being given a textbook full of 50,000 ideas and having to guess.

What Makes It Innovative And/Or Worth My Time? 

It’s the next best thing to holding mercury in your hand. And far less toxic.

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