Innovative Educational Apps: Soo Meta


Innovative Educational Apps

App: Soo Meta

Platform: Web Browser

Price: Free

Grade Levels: K-20+

Content Area:

What Is It? A browser-based educational app that allows you to tell stories, take polls, and essentially deliver content across media forms.

What Makes It Innovative And/Or Worth My Time?

As a teacher, you need data–fresh, relevant, and accessible data. You also need to be able to connect a wide variety of learners with content. Whether blog posts and other text-based forms, music, videos, or other multimedia, Soo Meta helps merge otherwise divergent forms into singular narratives, or “holding areas” for the content. Think of it as a dynamic and potentially engaging version of PowerPoint.

Or a blog.

Or a video editor.

Or a YouTube channel.

Or polling software.

Make sense?

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