Transformative Uses Of The iPad In The Classroom

Though embarrassingly popular, the iPad is in its relative infancy in terms of classroom application. Worldwide, educators are bringing Apple’s tablet into their learning environments and experimenting, establishing workflows (something we continue to explore)

Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano (of the TeachThought favorite langwitches blog) put together this exploratory presentation that takes a look at exactly how the iPad is functioning in classrooms, while also managing to work in ideas from leaders in education to help “frame” the conversation.

In the presentation, there are nine “actions” the iPad naturally supports in classroom activities.

9 Actions the iPad Supports in the Classroom

1. Explore

2. Collaborate

3. Communicate

4. Connect

5. Create

6. Engage

7. Extend Learning

8. Life-Long Learner

9. Evaluate

The distinction is also made between being skilled, being literate, and being fluent, where the trends move from rigid, conscious training to flexible, fluid and instinctive application from knowledge that is truly internalized, a spectrum the iPad can help facilitate the travel of.

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