The Quick-Start Guide To iPads For Learning


An Excellent Quick-Start Guide To iPads For Learning

While everyone you know has had an iPad since Miley Cyrus was less…sure of herself, for whatever reason, you just got one.

Or an entire classroom of iPads. Or Android tablets.

Or, gulp, Windows Surface tablets.

Whatever the case, you’ve got a tablet and want mobile learning happening in your classroom stat.

One great resource is a post we did late last year–a collection of some of our (to that point) most popular iPad in the classroom resources.

Past that–honestly, there are oodles and oodles of great posts, infographics, cautionary tales, and integration guides that could very well overwhelm you.

Since we don’t want to do that, below is a useful graphic from ipads4schools that we’ve seen making the rounds on social media recently. If you haven’t seen it, it does well to capture a general overview of the work you have ahead of you if you want to use Apple’s mobile learning devices–or your new Google Nexus–aligned with what the internet might call “best practice.”

It starts with setup tips, offers some thoughts on how you view the tablet, and even gets into workflow a bit. While we might move #4 to #1, this is a useful graphic for any #edtech teacher just getting started with tablets and mobile learning in general.


An Excellent Quick-Start Guide To iPads For Learning