The Lesser-Known Benefits Of eLearning For Teachers

lesser-known benefits of eLearning for teachers

What Are The Lesser-Known Benefits Of eLearning For Teachers?

contributed by Chris

The relatively recent boom in technology has opened up incredibly valuable resources for teachers and students. One of the most valuable resources currently available is the ability to give and receive academic instruction. We typically think of this technological advancement as a huge benefit for students, but it also creates major opportunities for teachers to lead more fulfilling- and lucrative- careers. Here are four of the many ways teachers are using online learning platforms to their advantage:

1. Connecting 

By connecting to other educators, teachers network, consider competing ideas, gather resources, and navigate through a bustling ecology of pedagogy and edu-thinking.

2. Passion-Based Learning

Educating is a passion in its own right, but most teachers have a subject and/or talent that they love to talk about and share with their students. Sometimes, curriculum and job constraints mean that teachers aren’t able to share certain topics with students within the confines of school hours. Online resources make it possible for teachers to find students who need instruction in other areas of study they may not be able to teach their full-time classrooms– like singing, advanced chemistry, or chess. This offers the opportunity for instructors to lead students to success both inside and outside of school hours.

3. Efficiency

Summer and Winter breaks are ideal for spending time with loved ones, but they also offer the opportunity for teachers to generate extra income. Online tutoring platforms make this easier than ever, connecting teachers with students in need of their specific expertise. Teachers can provide instruction on topics they are passionate about and naturally good at, while still saving up for a big trip or adding to their 401k. Helping students just once per day just during the summer months can add up to thousands in additional savings per year!

4. Mastering Diverse Languages (e.g., ESL) 

Teaching students whose first language is not English can be difficult if not already bilingual, and many educators aren’t offered the tools to improve through their schools. This is where “learning by teaching” comes in particularly handy– offer tutoring to non-English speakers, and teachers are able to pick up valuable teaching skills that can translate to classroom learning, and may even learn some useful keywords and phrases along the way!

5. Moving Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Teaching is a skill, and all skills require practice.

Yet re-doing lesson plans can be difficult amongst constant paper grading and after school commitments. Going with what works can be a huge time-saver, but a true educator is always thinking of more effective ways to reach their students. Teaching outside the constraints of a classroom syllabus allows for the creative freedom to try out new material, and introduce the things that work into usual lesson plans.

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