skype-logo-on-imacSkype For Learning: The Taxonomy Of A Technology-Based Conversation

by TeachThought Staff

Since its introduction, Skype has gained more than a little traction in the communications space. While Google+ has added Hangouts and Facebook video chat that accomplish essentially the same thing, due to its pioneering effort, Skype has become the industry standard by being its own verb, in the same way Google has for search, and Coke has for soft drinks.

It’d only be a little confusing to ask someone to “Skype,” and then hope on Google+ for a Hangout. Or maybe it wouldn’t.

Nonetheless, Skype has a potential role in the 21st century classroom. (In fact, in August of last year we looked at 50 ways it could be used in the classroom.)

To help in that regard, langwitches has created a helpful taxonomy to guide teachers on how to plan, evaluate, and execute a Skype conversation for learning. It starts off at the bottom with forced, awkward conversations, and eventually grades to the top, where authentic, free-flowing conversations occur. You can download a pdf version on her site.

Skype For Learning: The Taxonomy Of A Conversation