SplashLearn Courses Are Live K-5 Math And Reading Classes

SplashLearn courses

What Are SplashLearn Courses?

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With the school being closed for over a year or having sporadic schedules due to the Covid-19 pandemic, children are slowly returning to in-person learning.

Many kids are excited to return to school and catch up with their friends. But, for others, especially those who are gripped by anxiety or have fallen behind, the transition can be a difficult one. Getting children to get into the groove with a regular learning cycle is important.

Parents, as well as teachers, have to factor in and help the child adjust to these changed circumstances, yet again, which can be a cause of anxiety for the child. With this in mind, SplashLearn is offering online courses taught by experienced tutors, which are designed to refresh the age-appropriate math and reading skills in kids, help close any existing learning gaps, and also help reduce anxiety as the schools reopen.

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What are SplashLearn Courses? Providing That Extra Help That Children Need!

  • SplashLearn Courses are live K-5 math and reading tutoring classes
  • SplashLearn Courses follow a well-researched format that helps children get over learning-related anxiety, augments their curiosity, and transforms children into fearless lifelong learners
  • The SplashLearn Courses are taught by qualified tutors who have at least 5 years of online teaching experience
  • SplashLearn Courses are taught in small groups (of up to 3 learners) by tutors
  • The course material is aligned with Common Core State Standards
  • Course can be chosen grade-wise or according to topics 
  • Parents have the freedom to choose the time that suits them best – whether it’s during the day, noon, or evening
  • Each session is 30-minutes long (for Kindergarten) and 45 minutes long for grades 1 to 5
  • Each class is fun and interactive, and there is interaction with the tutor as well as other kids in the class
  • The educators have years of teaching experience and, over the years, have developed innovative teaching styles to suit the needs of different types of learners.
  • Children attend classes from the comfort of their homes and get to learn from expert tutors around the country

SplashLearn also has a game-based learning program that is available to schools and teachers for free. Teachers can enable free home access for their students, who are then able to work on their assignments from home. The game-based format helps children get over learning-related anxiety and reinforces key skills with an interactive, self-paced, and adaptive format. 

SplashLearn also has a version solely for home use, for which parents need to get a paid subscription. It allows them access to all the games and lessons, along with a parent dashboard that receives instant notifications on progress improvement and skill completions allowing parents to keep track of their child’s learning path and recommend topics to complete.

SplashLearn has a vast library of over 6,500 games and activities for different topics, visual models, virtual manipulatives, and voice narration to make learning easy and exciting–even for kids who are still learning to read.