Think Pedagogy First, Technology Second


Think Pedagogy First, Technology Second

by TeachThought Staff

We’ve talked before about the role of technology in the learning process–mainly because we’re still trying to–as a field, industry, and culture–come to grips with its pitfalls and potential.

The stages of technology integration.

And the right and the wrong way to use technology for learning.

Tips for smarter technology use.

Clearly this is a topic that’s on the minds of educators that want the best for students, but also want to resist reckless, en vogue adoption.

In that context, the following infographic from Krista Moroder offers another simple piece of advice: thinking pedagogy first, technology second. We might revise that statement to include other approaches beyond pedagogy–including heutagogy, giving us something like “Think learning goals first, technology second,” you get the idea.

Technology is a tool–a platform, a tactic, a strategy, and a space, but–unless you’re teaching a technology class–never an end.

You can find an editable version of the graphic (under CC licensing) here.


Think Pedagogy First, Technology Second