A Twitter Guide Inspired By Dr. Seuss

A Stylish Twitter Guide Inspired By Dr. Seuss

Twitter remains one of the most powerful platforms for sharing and conversation.

This translates well to education, as it allows said sharing and conversation to be done on very flexible terms. You can lurk or get involved, share or curate, RT or @ respond. And if you follow enough quality accounts, you can likely get more resources and thinking in 15 minutes than you can use all year. With #hashtag searches and filtering, even twitter chats can be done asynchronously!

But in lieu of all the guides, tips, strategies, and frameworks for twitter, some of you may still be looking to up your twitter game. Which is where the following Dr. Seuss-inspired guide by Hootsuite makes sense.

In the mesmerizing cadence of the literary classic, the guide explains how twitter works, how not to use hashtags, and offers a handful of best practices. In spite of its tone, it isn’t written precisely for educators or students, so it’s not something you can just hand to students.

But it is Dr. Seuss, and we’re a sucker for his pleasing rhyme and colorful, nightmarish landscapes.

A Twitter Guide Inspired By Dr. Seuss