Want To Step Up Your Twitter Game? The 50 Best Twitter Profile Designs

by simplyzesty.com

We recently had a look at the 50 best Facebook cover photos and we’ve followed it up with a look at the second most popular social network Twitter. Social media sites are slowly embracing design and offering their users new ways to show off their personality through cover photos, profile images and background photos.

Chances are if something new or interesting is introduced, brands will be the first to embrace it as they try to stay a step ahead of the competition. The thing to remember is that while not all the profiles below have embraced the cover photo (for one reason or another), it’s the overall feel of their pages that we’re rating them on. Let us know in the comments if there are any other brilliant ones that we have missed and that should be on the list.

The 50 Best Twitter Profile Designs


The New Yorker 
The New Yorker’s eclectic mix of content, ranging from politics and culture to humour and fiction, is communicated perfectly in its collage of its magazine cover designs.

Top Gear 
With 350 million views per week in 170 different countries, Top Gear is highly acclaimed for its aesthetic visual style so it’s only fitting that its Twitter design should reflect that.

Go Media 
Being a creative agency, it’s absolutely crucial that Go Media’s design should echo their tag line “Design with Passion”, and it does so effectively.

Rolling Stone 
The iconic magazine’s profile design fittingly exhibits its influential focus on music, liberal politics, popular culture and artful journalistic style.

YouTube’s profile features vignetted snapshots of its current most popular users and clips.

The Cut 
The Cut’s twitter design reflects its eloquent and slick NY style in a fashionable shot of models queuing for the runway.

LIFE magazine features its most acclaimed and illustrious covers from over the years, making it simple yet highly effective and recognisable.

As arguably the most popular DisneyPixar film, and with the announcement of a sequel set to be released in 2016, the delightful and hilarious Finding Nemo takes prime place on its Twitter profile page.

Dazed and Confused 
Dazed and Confused magazine’s image on their profile mirrors their hip and creative material which features music, fashion, film, art, and literature.

Adobe, as the leading producers of multimedia and creativity software products, feature a sleek and elegant design assumingly created from its software.

Nylon Magazine 
Nylon magazine, with its focus on music, fashion, film, art, and literature, proclaims itself as “the most awesome magazine in the world.” Its design further promotes its funky femininity.

As a resource for web designers and developers, SitePoint has a cool and creative relevant design, featuring sticky notes and sketches complete with their branding.


Red Bull 
Being at the forefront of social media, Red Bull has a distinct grungy urban feel to its design, evoking the brand’s energy and culture.

Sprite has a contemporary technological feel to its design, with simple dots, seemingly the bubbles, resembling digital sound waves.

Fanta’s profile features its orange branding with zesty fruits and tongue-tingling bubbles, boldly making you crave a mouthful.

Coca Cola 
Coca-Cola features a subtle, yet attractive bright red background with droplets evoking the feeling of its crisp, cold taste.

Smirnoff play up the idea that it’s a fun product of the night scene with its colourful and edgy light art dominating the background.

Bewley’s Ireland 
As Ireland’s leading tea and coffee company, Bewleys has a tasteful and luxurious feeling to their design, consistently replicating their website design and branding.

Barry’s Tea 
Barry’s Tea arouse a snug and homely feel with their toasty warm hues inviting us to share our golden moments with the brand.

Costa Coffee 
Costa’s cover design, with the texture of the coffee sack, gives off that eco fair-trade feel with the authentic looking stains and beans almost making you able to smell its aroma.


Forever 21 
Forever 21 feature one of its Hello Kitty silky smooth scarves with a chic, dainty pattern, a fitting design in itself.

Gucci, as one of the world’s leading luxury brands, feature one of their stunning vibrant high end fashion photographs as its statement background.

Cartier’s plush red background with a collage of close-ups of its products stirs feelings of allure and affluence, perfectly connoting their brand.

Coach’s brand influence is conveyed with a timeless and artistic hand-drawn style background, alluding to its coveted goods.

River Island 
River Island emanate its aspiring style in a funky collage of images featuring its clothing items, complete with the all-popular colourful hue.

Urban Outfitters 
Urban Outfitters, exhibiting their fresh and unique style, has a vibrant and eye-catching illustration splashed behind its news feed.

Schuh has a very fun and creative display, with snapshot images of its shoes strewn in the background and elements of sticky tape highlighting its contact details and social media presence.


Nissan News 
Nissan present a sleek and lustrous display of one of its cars on a subtle yet powerful black background

BMW feature a perfect image of one of its vehicles in motion, demonstrating its speed and efficiency eloquently.


One of the biggest car brands in the world have a decent following and its design is built to reflect some of their latest models and the brand values.


Audi is a car brand that always relied on design and style to sell cars and its Twitter profile is as elegant as one of their high-end racing cars.

Harley Davidson 

The classic bike company is known for its sleek bikes with distinctive designs and that is reflected in its profile as there’s little doubt that you were on their page.

McLaren (The Fifth Driver) 

If ever a car company was all about design then Mclaren would be it. This page gives an insight into what happens behind the scenes and the design is slick, sleek and elegant.


adidas Originals 

One of the biggest sports brands in the world has a large Twitter following and its profile, which is all about their latest campaigns and imagery, always looks slick.

Nike Basketball 

Nike has lots of different sub brands and its basketball page is super slick and always makes you want to buy their shoes. It always goes for the ‘less is more’ philosophy rather than crowding the page.

Liverpool FC 

One of the best known sports brands in the world focus on its heritage, with a nod to their stadium and constant photos of the team and fans.

Real Madrid C. F. 

Quite possibly the biggest sports brand in the world have over six million followers on Twitter and a slick design to match.


Listerine UK 

Something about this profile just makes you think about the refreshing nature of listerine and it does do that without having to have any big flashy designs.

Original Source 

Unusually, the focus of this profile is on the right hand side of the page. However, it looks well and gets the basics about the product across in an elegant manner.

Gillette Venus 

This is one of the best profile designs in terms of integrating the three elements of the design into one nice clean look. Very much aimed at a female audience.

The Lynx Effect 

Lynx has been spending lots of money on marketing – including its social media activity – and this Twitter profile is slick, well designed and oozes confidence.


Benefit Cosmetics 

One of the biggest up and coming brands on social media over the last couple of years has a twitter profile skin that looks every bit as slick as their website.

Urban Decay 

This beauty product focuses on an elegant and simple design that doesn’t go over the top with lots of different elements and it simply works.

MAC Cosmetics 

One of the best known cosmetic brands in the world change their profile on a regular basis and its latest busy design reflects the brand values well.


Virgin America 

Vigin America has been doing great things on social media and its Twitter profile design shows off the unique inside of their plabes brilliantly.

Southwest Airlines 

Southwest Airlines has been using Twitter for the last couple of years brilliantly for customer service and its page is simple but shows off their planes well.



One of the best charities in the world focuses on children in their profile and you would literally want to take your money out instantly give it to them because of its branding.


The charity that does such great work for animals features them heavily with a couple of elephants taking pride of place on its Twitter skin.


One of the world’s biggest electronics companies focuses on its movies, products and random cool looking people on its Twitter skin and it works.

Lindt Chocolate USA 

This profile might not have the most followers in the world, but any time you open it up you will basically start craving its product which is job done from a marketing perspective.

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