What Is SplashLearn? A K-5 Math Game For Kids

Using SplashLearn To Engage Students With K-5 Math Games

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contributed by Joy Deep Nath, VP of SplashLearn

What do kids love to do?

Kids love to play games! They also enjoy learning things—they learn to swim, they learn to play the piano—so why can’t it be fun to learn math or English, for that matter? With this vision, SplashLearn’s game-based learning program is transforming the way children learn through highly engaging, visually appealing, and interactive games.

Parents often worry that their kids don’t want to study and are not interested in learning at all. The question we are trying to answer is: What is probably the reason? It can be due to a lack of motivation, maybe even disillusionment. 

For younger kids, before going to school, learning and playing is almost synonymous. They play around and explore the world and learn, it’s a natural instinct, almost intuitive. When they start going to school, all the learning becomes regimented structure, they have a curriculum to follow and a certain path chalked out. The relationship becomes adversary – it becomes student vs learning. It is as if you are being subjected to learning, or learning is happening to you. Rather than you being engaged in learning.

Apart from factors such as stress and anxiety that we put kids under with due respect to performance, one of the key reasons is the teaching model itself, or how kids learn, or how we try to teach. Through SplashLearn, the idea is to change those teaching models and make the learning model process more child-centric, and more student-friendly or get it back to more intuitive and organic ways of learning. One way of doing that is going to ‘play’. Throughout human evolution play has played a very important role. It’s deeply embedded in our human nature. No one needs to teach us to play, we find ways to play through various modes so that’s the main idea behind SplashLearn – so learn while we explore, while we play. 

SplashLearn Is A Math Game For Elementary Students Pre-K-5

SplashLearn is a Game-Based Learning program for elementary grades. The program covers foundational skills in Mathematics (Pre-kindergarten to Grade 5) and Reading (Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 2). Over 6,500 curriculum-aligned activities engage children as they learn step-by-step through personalized learning pathways.

SplashLearn aims to help children discover an innate love for learning by providing intuitive and playful learning experiences. Most gamified learning systems add game-based techniques such as leaderboards, rewards, badges, etc. to learning. While such systems can help motivate children to spend more time on the product, they do not significantly change how children learn.

On the other hand, SplashLearns’ Game-Based Learning approach uses games to transform how children learn. Its primary intent is not to enhance the entertainment value but to improve pedagogy using games and, therefore, make learning more effective and intuitive. Games in SplashLearn are designed for specific learning objectives, and they make learning truly immersive through many rich contexts, embedded instructions within games, meaningful interactions, and innovative in-game manipulatives.


Whether you need a math game for kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, or grade 5, SplashLearn aims to help children discover an innate love for learning by providing intuitive and playful learning experiences. Most gamified learning systems add game-based techniques such as leaderboards, rewards, badges, etc. around learning. While such systems can help motivate children to spend more time on the product, they do not change how children learn in any significant manner.

SplashLearn world – Splashverse sneak peek!

Learning in SplashLearn occurs through play as kids dive into a magnificent world called Splashverse! Here, the kids get to explore exotic locations, meet numerous characters, and help the characters on challenging quests and exciting adventures while completing their daily learning goals. 

SplashLearn is currently divided into two major worlds: the Math World and the Reading World. Within each world, the kids will find numerous mini-worlds based on the topics they choose to learn. Each mini-world is designed to reinforce the fundamentals of the corresponding topic subconsciously. While the characters are created to establish conceptual context and allow for conflicts in the stories, leading to puzzles and play. 

For example, one of the kids’ favourite characters, the Oolzoo, is designed to hold numbers on its chest. Multiple Oolzoos can be combined or separated to form bigger or smaller Oolzoos, thereby replicating addition and subtraction scenarios. What the Oolzoos are for the Math world, the Buc-Bucs are for the Reading world. The Buc-Bucs are curious creatures who relentlessly search for letters and sounds in their surroundings; capable of making the sounds of the letters they collect. 

SplashLearn loves picking up new topics and ideating ways to manifest academic concepts into game systems with locations and characters that better explain the concepts. Hence, Splashverse is ever-evolving, and learning at SplashLearn is a never-ending adventure. 

What Are SplashLearn’s Features?

  • Math is available for children from PreK to grade 5 and Reading for PreK to grade 2
  • Aligned to Common Core: The program has curriculum aligned to Common Core, with a modular build to easily align to other state-specific standards that improve students’ scores 
  • It covers 6,500+ Maths and Reading through fun games and worksheets.  
  • Personalized learning path: SplashLearn’s adaptive algorithm creates a dynamic learning path personalized for each child, grade, and skill appropriate. 
  • SplashLearn is free for teachers and schools to use. Teachers can sign in and create an account for their class, and they get access to the full SplashLearn content library. 
  •  A detailed teacher dashboard allows teachers to track each student’s progress and address any learning gaps.

Teacher dashboard

  • Assignments: Teachers can assign practice content to individual students or to an entire class and monitor assignment completion. They can also assign work that the students can access at home.
  • Assessments: Diagnostic and Progress Monitoring assessments that analyze proficiency and help the teacher to identify students requiring extra help
  • Parent Dashboard: Parents receive instant notifications on progress improvement and skill completions through the Parent dashboard, which also provides real-time updates allowing parents to keep track of their child’s learning path and recommend topics to complete. 

Parent dashboard

  • Cross-platform functionality: The product is available across all digital platforms (iOS, Android, and Web) and has multi-device sync, enabling children to use SplashLearn on any device.
  • Offline Access: SplashLearn’s unique offline sync functionality allows the program to work seamlessly without needing the Internet. It syncs with the servers when the connection is re-established, enabling cross-platform usage. This ensures children can learn anywhere, anytime. 
  • SplashLearn offers an ad-free, child-safe environment.

It is used in 150+ countries and has benefitted more than 40 million children worldwide. SplashLearn is available across all digital platforms (iOS, Android and Web). The program can also be used without an internet connection, so the learning never stops! For more information, visit splashlearn.com

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