We Have An Idea About Using Tactile Feedback In The Classroom

tacticle-feedbackWe Have An Idea About Using Tactile Feedback In The Classroom

by TACTonics

A student begins a difficult final exam during her first year in college. While she listens to the instructions and worries about her final grade, she detects a gentle nudge sent by her mom. This sensory message reminds her to be confident and that she is loved. Despite the distance, she is encouraged from her mom’s message, and is able to finish the exam with self-assurance.

Across town at a nearby elementary school, a 3rd grader on a behavior plan receives his TACTpuck. For every positive behavior he exhibits, it lights up green; for every behavior that needs correcting, it lights up red. To congratulate him on a correct answer in class discussion, he receives a vibration or a nudge, which emulates a high five. The student’s behavior has improved tremendously since the beginning of the school year, all thanks to the implementation of the TACTpuck in his behavior plan.

The commonality in these instances is the need for communication. Communication is the way we express our feelings, thoughts, and desires. TACTspace is a new dimension of digital communication. With TACTspace, you can start a conversation without speaking, hearing, reading or writing.

In our examples, the undergrad taking the final exam needs to know that she can conquer any task, and that her mom is her biggest cheerleader. The elementary school student finds technology and gadgets interesting, so the TACTpuck purchased by his school is the perfect solution to both help him learn positive behaviors and feed his love of technology.

Sensory messaging is a tactile message, sent discretely and received and interpreted not by reading, or even viewing, but through other senses like hearing, touch and even smell. These sensory messages, called TACTS, are sent wirelessly to a friend or loved one, who receives the message through their senses. The TACTs are delivered through a TACTpuck by vibrating rhythmically, perhaps, or by warming up. The stimuli are endless.