Driven by technology innovation, population growth, and a strong undercurrent of socio and political desire for change, the world is changing quickly.

In larger countries, this change is either driven by business, or must be honored by business wishing to stay in the black.

The following presentation from Fjord service and design consultancy takes a look at ten of those trends in personal and business strands. No. 7 is specifically education related, but in an authentic learning environment all 10 are interdependent with learning and education.

10 Ways The World Is Changing In 2013

1. A disruption of everything.

2. The battle for personal data.

3 . Smarter data and personal ecosystems.

4. Keep it simple.

5. Online/offline merge in retail practices.

6. Access is ownership.

7. Personalized learning.

8. New technology interaction.

9. A (closing?) mobile gap?

10. A start-up culture