20 Basic Rules For Digital Citizenship

The definition of digital citizenship has to do with the quality of behaviors that impact the quality of digital content and communities.

To help clarify what that “quality” can look like, knowthenet.org.uk put together the following infographic framed around Dos and Don’ts. While seemingly written for a more general audience than students and educators, the thinking is sound, including “Treat others they way you want to be treated,” “Don’t forget the human behind the screen,” “Listen first, talk later,” and “Use proper grammar.” (Yes, please do.)

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Overall it’s a bit basic, but it does take the important step of moving beyond rhetoric to offer concrete tips to realize the idea.

20 Basic Rules For Digital Citizenship


  1. misterfox says

    Love the one about the Trolls.

    1. bob says

      me to

  2. bob says

    bob was all like who is billy and i was like its john from snowwars

    1. bob says

      mee to

    2. terryheick says


  3. bob says

    is a taco a taco

  4. bob says

    or is it a vegtable

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