Preface: There are typos in this infographic that, if our social media channels and the comments section are telling us anything, are driving many of your crazy. We get it. This infographic was not created by us, however, so we can’t edit it. If typos and grammar errors make you rage, click away now.

Most TeachThought readers know that one of your central themes is clarifying 21st-century learning.

Like many of you, we find a lot of the discussion a bit tired (Innovate! Connect!!), but also important due to the variety of experience levels in education. While somewhere approaching 80% of our audience has taught 8 years or more, that means there’s another 20% that may be new to all of this, which make put a 2000 word manifesto on the topic a bit of overkill.

In that respect, we try to offer a little bit of something for everyone. Like infographics.

While we silently wonder if they’ve jumped the shark, they’re everywhere. So here we are. We’ve shared these graphics from Mia MacMeekin before, and this is another you might be interested in seeing: 27 Habits That Produce 21st Century Teachers

She calls it something else, but either way you slice it, it explores the same topic we’ve looked at before–and will look at again. What does it mean to be a “21st century teacher?” What makes this one valuable–in lieu of the handful of typos we found–is that it offers some fairly concrete strategies and actions that can help realize the (possibly cliche) idea of being a 21st-century teacher.